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Health Links

Feel free to check out some of my favorite links for physical and spiritual health. I don't always agree with every detail, but these sites may give you further insight into how to treat your body, God's temple.

Physical Health

American Health Science University
Best Vegan Recipes On Earth
Dr. George Malkmus & Hallelujah Acres
Dr. John McDougall's Online Wellness Center
EarthSave International
Enzymes: The Difference Between Raw and Cooked Foods
Gary Null's Natural Living
Investigate Before You Vaccinate
Life Force International
Marpe International
VegSource: Vegetarian/Vegan Resource
Vibrant Life Magazine
Whole Foods Market

Spiritual Health

American Family Association
American Family Online
Apologetics Press
Biblical Theism: The War Against Humanism Movie Guide for Families
Executable Bible Outlines
Firm Foundation
Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson
Gospel Advocate Company
Southern Christian University

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