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Stay up to date on the latest health and nutrition advice from Certified Nutritionist, Kenny Loy. Subscribe to his free monthly email newsletter. Each issue contains an Ask the Nutritionist column, an Article of the Month, a recipe, and much, much more.

All articles are written from a biblical and scientific standpoint. Although the Bible is not a science text book, no scientific fact has ever contradicted the Bible. Each article is held up to the light of Scripture to determine its validity before ever reaching your computer screen.

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Have you noticed the number of sick Christians listed in your church bulletin or announced in your assembly? In most cases the members are suffering from diseases that could have been prevented from a change in diet and lifestyle. It is my goal and ambition to reduce the number of sick Christians listed in church bulletins all over the world.

Join me in a health revolution throughout the brotherhood. Satan has used the lack of self-discipline against Christians for far too long. He would like nothing better than for us to be too sick to be about our Father's business. Take charge of your health! "Glorify God in your body, and in your spirit" (1 Corinthians 6:20).

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